Young Keith

Portrait of Keith Richards done for a friend…as with the “Mitch Mitchell” portrait starting to inject a little color… still kind of afraid to go full but at some point I guess I gotta do what I gotta do. been lucky so far, no one has asked for full color. Most love the Black and…

Mitch Mitchell

This a portrait of the Great “Mitch Mitchell” know to most as the Drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. the portrait is slightly more recent than the “RMHoF”

Rochester Music Hall of Fame

I would like to start with one of the older pieces that I have created, the “Rochester music Hall of Fame” poster this was the official poster for the “Rochester music Hall of Fame” I was commissioned to do this as a tribute to the fine artists to be inducted. I painstakingly painted each portrait…

If 6 Was 9

if 6was9 my newest guitar project. modeled after the song made famous by none other than Jimi Hendrix. another Hendrix by Hendrix creation.

M.I.A. John and Brian

Hello again, well, here it is… the finished “Cleveland Rocks” project guitar for the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. please let me know what you all think, I really like it and i hope you do as well.

Hall of Fame Guitar

Gibson Les-Paul, given to me by the Gibson Company to paint for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Auction, on the front as if you didn’t know… is John Lennon of the Beetles and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. this is the guitar in it’s form before it’s reassembled, more to follow. I…

Hazzard Comin’ atcha

A newer more current picture of HaZZard holding the mighty “H”-blade from his chest. Hazzard is the ultimate Bad guy. He’s a crazy mix of the joker wolverine and a touch of spider man to make him complete but unlike the others he can fly. A super villain cocktail if you will.

Power Storm

Power Storm, My latest endeavor, this is the cover of the comic book I’m working on, just an Idea so far but I like it. this pic was drawn by hand first and then colored in photoshop, along with some special spit and polish.

Hazzard Light

This is another picture of Hazzard I worked up in photoshop as always let me know what you think.


Hello again, this is my latest attempt at capturing a deceased celebrity likeness, as always feel free to let me know by way of comment what you think of my work, subject matter or anything else you may want to share. I call it “Marilyn”.

Stone Free

This is the sixth painting, only one more to go for the entire collection to be done. there will be a showing at some point at which time the art work will be for sale and I will also perform a set o Jimi¬†Hendrix music as well as a few well placed originals. This one…


This one I call “Foxy” just because you can see how it looks like he’s looking into a mirror and might just be considering himself “Foxy”